Hispanics in U.S. Less Likely to Complete Substance Abuse Treatments

Hispanics in U.S. less likely to complete substance abuse treatments

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“Our findings show troubling racial disparities in the completion of alcohol and drug abuse programs, and they point specifically to socioeconomic barriers that make it difficult for minority groups to access and sustain treatment,” Brendan Saloner …
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Disbarred Kane attorney ordered to get drug treatment

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As part of the plea, he was placed on 24 months of treatment alternative probation designed for defendants with substance abuse or mental health issues, ordered to serve 270 days in the Kane County Jail — although he received time-served credit to …
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To Treat Drug Dependency, Doctors Are Burning Off Chunks of Addicts' Brains

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For people combatting drug addiction and those trying to help them, the battle can be long and arduous. Right now, treating heroin or cocaine addictions involves behavioral interventions, replacement substances (such as methadone) or detoxification …
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Plans in pipeline: Drug treatment court and anti-drug strategy being worked on

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In relation to the court, she pointed out that this would be an “alternative to punishing drug abuse offenders by diverting them from the penal system and giving them an opportunity to have that sickness of addiction treated”. She pointed to a study …
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