Police Chiefs Meet to Hash Out Uniform Adult Dancing Laws

Police chiefs meet to hash out uniform adult dancing laws

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“We're not trying to make private dancers or escorts illegal, it's just any of the accompanying prostitution issues,” which can include coercion, physical and sexual abuse and drug addiction, he said. “When this is driven underground, obviously the …
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legend lives on Lynott's Lynott's

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The Thin Lizzy singer, who died aged 36 as a result of drug addiction in 1986, is buried in a cemetery close to Philomena's home in Sutton, Co Dublin. And when Philomena is in Dublin city centre, there on Harry Street – just off Grafton Street – is the …
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Drug Court Offers A New Focus

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But this was not a typical court proceeding. On Wednesday, Yankton County held the second session of its weekly drug court, an initiative local officials hope will reduce recidivism and help participants overcome drug addiction. As evidenced by the …
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