How Did You Overcome Crack Cocaine Addiction?

Question by Billy: How did you overcome crack cocaine addiction?
Looking for any information on how to successfully recover from crack cocaine addiction.
Personal experiences, public statistics, treatment referrals, resources sites, information on medication…any input is appreciated.

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Answer by Mickey M
Started taking heroin instead and sniffing glue

Answer by sweetie4ever555
I just filled my time with other things at the time i was a smoker so i just smoked more and walked more and tried to keep my mind moving on other things

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  • Jcontrols says:

    Sorry. Never even thought about touching the stuff! ;-)=

  • laura says:

    you need a case worker to sort you out,They are trained in where to send you and then you will get the right help form councelling to detox and everything else in between
    good luck babe

  • rinat says:

    It is very difficult to do on your own. A very close person to me was a crack addict, has been to rehab more than once and it was the only way to make him stop for a while. He is off it now and I hope he stays that way. He used “Rivea” for a while, a medicine to block the receptors of cocaine effect and I think he was on anti-depressants too.

  • tomcat72667 says:

    my name is Patrick i am a recovering alcoholic and crack addict! i have a little over 3months clean n sober! alcoholics anonymous made this possible people know i was so bad I’m a walking miracle! the best way to recover is to start with a 5 too 10 day detox program then 21days of formal treatment! this makes things alot easier although its not a must! the only way the vast majority of use work the twelve step recovery program of either aa or narcotics anonymous! you have to attend regular meeting and get a sponsor to guide your recovery! the first step is to admit you have a problem and a willing to go too any length too stay clean n sober both programs are listed in the phone book make the call they will see to it that you get too a meeting if a rehab is not possible for financial or lack of insurance reasons! their are quite a few free treatment centers but they are few n far between! god luck n god bless you Patrick f.

  • melbert34 says:

    well you could go to rehab.
    I had an addiction to other chemicals and what turned me around was the people I was hangning out with once I stop hangning out with the people that were influencing me I didn’t have the urge anymore to do it. Spend time with someone you love and try it. When your with someone you love you think about that person in many different ways you dont think about doing the drug. when that person pisses you off and your thinking about doing the drug go see your parents and just go have a talk with them, once you chilled out or she chills out , go have a talk. Anyways try it it;ll be woth it , tell me what you think .

    It works for me I use to do E everyday from wednesday to Sunday I was a little b**** and then one day I saw myself and what this drug was doing to me, it was runing my life, I had money problems and shit like that.

    One day I called my ex b-f ( I went out with him for 4 1/2 years broke up because of that drug) Just to hang out. When we got together we started talking and I fell back in love with him every day that I spent with him made me closer to him and further away from the drug. I went from doing it everyday to slowly coming to doing it 1 a month. Now I am doing it 1 every 4 month but l told my self no more My body can’t take it anymore im only 20 yeard old. So yeah . Ive been going out with my ex now for about 1 1/2 and everyday Im stronger. And we are planning to get married in 5 years. I actually got a future. I have a job now and appartment a dog to come home at. A real lover to make love to and plan a future together. I dont have time to think about E . And When I do I m able to control the urge.
    Hope you get better.

  • themom says:

    My youngest daughter’s dad is a recovering addict, and I spent years as his enabler. It’s a VERY difficult thing to do alone, and your best bet is either a religious commitment, or a 12 step program. And the addict needs to understand that when you reach out for help, their world should change as much as it is in their grasp to change it… no more of the same friends, hang outs, attitudes, spending habits, language, and responses to stress. They may even consider moving, if necessary, to get a fresh start somewhere else without all the baggage. It might just be a new apt across the road, but it may take that. It may take changing jobs, too. Whoever or whatever it is that is a stimulus to drug usage needs to be done away with. If it’s a partner, then they may need to rethink that relationship. If a 12 step program is chosen, they ask that you come to 30 meetings in 30 days. The idea is to REPLACE the drugs with healthy, productive ways to deal with life, and you will learn that at the meetings. My ex has even attended several meetings a day, if necessary, to make it through.
    Unfortunately, crack cocaine is one of the most lethal and addictive drugs to be addicted TO. Statistically, only 1 in every 100 cocaine addicts walks away and stays away… but also know this: when you are running a race and you happen to fall down, you don’t go back to the very beginning and start over… you get up and you dust yourself off, and you start again from there. I heard once at an Al-Anon meeting that “one slip does not make a person forever a failure any more than one good turn makes a person forever a saint.” And it’s true. Good luck to you, or whoever it is you are concerned about. It CAN be done!!

  • one day at a time says:

    I have over 9 months clean and sober including nicotine. I smoked crack for about 12 years and been to about 7 or 8 rehabs. I had just had enough of the horrible consequences like marital problems, inability to be a father to my son, spending all money, loaning my cars to dealers (for crack) and never seeing them again, job hopping, hopeless depression….My last time using I went into a psychotic episode, I took a blast and the next thing I remember I was running down the street thinking people were trying to kill me so I called the cops and ended up in the hospital which had happened before. It is a miracle I didn’t die or hurt/kill someone.
    When I want to use I “play the tape through” as they say. I cannot use successfully. Once that drug enters my mind I have no control and cannot stop. It took many years but now I realize that. I also pray to the God I believe in, go to a couple of meetings a week, go to church, and keep busy. I cannot say I have overcome anything because it is a one day at a time thing.
    Hopefully this helps you in some small way.

  • prabhu says:

    go to rehabalition center and do some yogas for relaxment

  • princess786900 says:

    well ill give you my little personal story…. i was 22yrs old a single mom at the time and hadnt got all of my party bug out of me yet. well a “friend” introduced me to something called a cavie, which is weed and crack mixed, well at teh time i smoked alot of weed and thought to myself “well im already smoking weed what could it hurt?” well after the first hit i was feeling WONDERFUL and i felt that i was invincible. i dint think i had a problem until i lost my job (no going to stay home and be high), i lost my home (not paying rent coz i felt the NEED to be high) and i ALMOST lost what means the world to me MY CHILDREN. it took alot of willpower and my family to stop me from smoking those cavies. i first had to move out of my area i was in, lose all my “so called” friends that hung around my home and get right in the heaad and figure out what my priorities were. FIRST i had to right ALL the wrongs i had done by telling each family member,REAL friend, and worst of all MY CHILDREN that i had an addiction to crack. SECOND i had to tell them all that i had been stealing from them and PAY them all back every dime i ever stole. and lastly i needed to do it for myself because living that lifestyle got me nowhere fast and almost made me lose everyhtng that i hold dear to me. yeah it was very embarassing to have to tell my loved ones i had a problem and i wasnt strong enough to JUST SAY NO! but i did IT!!!! if you find it hard to do it alone like i did look for help. ASK FOR HELP!!! thats the first step to getting over an addiction. and when you DO STOP keep asking for help everyday because its always easier to slip back into something that you have been doing for a long time. HAVE FAITH IN YOURSELF AND YOU CAN OVERCOME ANYTHING. goodluck i hope i helped you in your time of need.