How Difficult Is It to Quit Drug and Cure Drug Addiction Problem?

Question by Lily_1981: How difficult is it to quit drug and cure problem?
My brother had drug problem for at least 10+ years. He used the heavy stuff like cocaine and other stuff I don’t even know of.
The doctor gave him medication to clean his system, and he has been sober for 2 years.
Is it possible for somebody to cure their heavy drug addiction problem in short 2 years? What’s the odd that my brother’s problem is cured?

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Answer by Mina
If he has genuinely been sober for two years, than I would say that it’s possible. My mom used to be a heavy heroin user and she has been sober for upwards of 18 years with no relapses.

It of course depends on the willpower of the person in question, but if he has the right coping skills and is determined not to go back to it then he can be “cured” of his addiction. I put cured in quotation marks because there have been recent studies that show that there’s a genetic predisposition to becoming an addict. Likely he’ll always run the risk of relapsing, but if he can stay away from situations that put him into contact with the drugs and have the willpower not to do them if he is in those situations, I’d say your brother would be okay.

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3 Responses to How Difficult Is It to Quit Drug and Cure Drug Addiction Problem?

  • desemonaapsyche says:

    There is no cure for a drug addiction. He might be off it…but it’s something he is going to actively have to do for the rest of his life. If he even does it once ever again he’ll be an addict. I really hope he sticks to it. Two years is good though, you should be proud of him. 🙂

  • ||?||T R i N i T Y||?|| says:

    It’s very difficult but after a while it will get easier

    Giving up ANYthing you love and are addicted to is very horrible and extremely hard. Not just drugs.

  • Travis K says:

    Addiction recovery times differ from individual to individual. However, the science behind it is as follows: The way you become “addicted” to a drug is that your body becomes used to it; it incorporates it into its system. For example, if your brother used cocaine a lot, then eventually your body would plan on the cocaine being there, and adapt so that cocaine would make your body function normally. That’s why if you may have noticed he needed more and more to get “high” whereas if he only took as much as he did before he would feel “normal.” When your body is completely free of addiction, it means that the body has reverted back to functioning normally without the cocaine in its system. So, technically speaking, if your brother is not suffering from any withdrawal symptoms or anything like that, he has rid himself of the addiction. However, the temptation always stays, and psychologically he may not be cured. If he goes about his everyday life without the constant urge to use drugs gnawing at him, then he is completely cured. However, you’ll know if this is not the case because he will be moody and grumpy all the time, which are signs of deprivation. In order to break him of this, rehab is the best place to go because it can break his psychological habits in a safe, professional environment. However, if your brother has been sober for two years, then it’s definitely possible that he is cured, but keep a wary eye just in case.

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