I Live in Northwest Pa I Have Chronic Pain and Looking for a Dr or Clinic to Help Me With Methadone?

Question by mavis16313: I live in northwest pa i have chronic pain and looking for a dr or clinic to help me with methadone?
some surrounding towns i can travel to , franklin pa , erie pa, oil city pa , . i have tried everything and have no options left . please help , there are so many chronic pain suffers , no one listens , the first thing everyone thinks is drug addict , that isnt always the case ! most of us are legit and have no help anywhere
Thank-You Sparky ! Here are the reasons i am on pain meds, i take vicodin e.s. 2x daily , ultram 50 mg 4x daily for the following reasons .
I have had 3 Ulna nerve transports , Ulna bone shortening 4 x – i have a plate with 6 screws in my left wrist and hand , i also have osteo arthritis and fybria myalgia , i have been on the pain meds now for well over 12 years they just dont work any longer, i got a referral for methadone treatment from a dr , but he wont prescribe it to me he says in the state of pa , only certain dr’s are able to do this for pain management. I also have a mortons neruoma condition and the miniscus is also bad , since i will not agree to more surgery it seems the dr’s wont help me anymore, after 13 surgerys i feel its time for a break 😉 thank you for your help . I really need to find a caring dr who would understand my condition all proven by med records ! I just cannot seem to find anyone who will help,

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Answer by sparky39fire
In larger cities you can probably find pain clinics. Typically, methadone isn’t used for simply pain management any longer, there are newer treatments that have been widely studied as being more effective with a lower risk of long term dependancy- the pain clinics or pain management centers can determine from your medical past what has not worked and formulate a new and hopefully effective care plan for you. It may be something as simple as a fentanyl lollipop or patch or it may be a drug combined with biofeedback therapy.
good luck