I Need to Find Drug Rehabs in Falfurrias, Texas. How?

Question by amairany le: I need to find drug rehabs in Falfurrias, Texas. How?
I’m planning on doing a documentary for one of my classes. My topic is drug addiction and I figured it would be good to get a few shots of rehabs and conduct interviews with patients as well as counselors.

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Answer by danna lb
You can probably interview the counselors and get a few shots of the drug rehabs, but I doubt if you would be able to interview the patients. Drug rehabs can be really stringent when it comes to the privacy of the patients.

Anyway, the links I included below will help you find rehabs. Good luck! I do hope that documentary turns out well. 🙂

Answer by Rebecca
i doubt that they will let you do that..it would violate to much patient confidentiality. Look in the yellowpages or contact a mental health clinic in the area and ask for facilites…tell them you are planing an intervention for a family memeber and they will be more willing to give you the information…but be careful and dont get yourself sued!