Individual Health Insurance at Midlife

Individual Health Insurance at Midlife

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"If you are 60 you can pay five to seven times what a 20-year-old would pay," says Karen Pollitz, a senior fellow at the Kaiser Family Foundation in Washington, DC And that's just based on your age—once any "pre-existing conditions" are factored in …
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Marion Barry and the Left's hatred of Asian entrepreneurs

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Vigilant wealth creators taking care of their families? Scourge of DC Profanity-spewing drug addicts inciting hatred against successful achievers of the American Dream? Model citizens! Crazy Barry doesn't just need another round of rehab.
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Liberia former Prez convicted of war crimes in Sierra Leone

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The notoriety also landed Michaele a role in the reality television series "Real Housewives of DC", which was cancelled after one season. Later, she was kicked off another reality program, "Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew" when it became clear she was …
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Nick Gaglia Presentation – On Feb. 19th, 2009, filmmaker Nick Gaglia (Over the GW, Aaron Bacon) presents on Capitol Hill how his experience in drug rehab “Kids of North Jersey” was akin to Orwell’s 1984.


5 Responses to Individual Health Insurance at Midlife

  • MrYnot007 says:

    I really have to applaud? you nick for doing this! I’ve got a story to tell as well. I never would have imagined that someone would get to address this issue in Washington. Bravo!

  • ideagirlconsulting says:

    featuring you and kether donohue on my movies? entertainment blog.. cant wait to see your movie the teleporter.. msg me when you have a trailer for it.. thanks..

  • NordicMother says:

    Thank you, Mr. Gaglia. Your courage and dedication? has given those of us trapped in these programs a voice that we never had. Thank you so much.

  • moxie3672 says:


  • nikitaylor1997 says:

    thank you for your service.? lets all make a couragous effort like nick.

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