Is There a Cutting Rehabilitation Center in My Area?

Question by sissybug1227: Is there a cutting rehabilitation center in my area?
I have searched online and I need to find a Self Harm or Teen cutting rehabilitation center in Nampa Idaho. None of the drug addiction rehabs but one for self harm. Thanks.

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Answer by Durable Med
Ya know, I think you are looking in the wrong directions, and that you need to be looking to yourself on this one. Because I don’t think the rehab centers for drugs or self-harm are very effective. So, first let’s deal with why you do it in the first place.
If you were to stub your toe or hit your finger, your body responds by putting out more endorphins. Those are your personal pain killers. The “endogenous morphine” which is where they got the name. They are also called the “feel-good hormones”. And after they are produced, they have their effect by being on the body’s narcotics receptor sites.
But suppose a person’s daily endorphin supply is low, and they feel pretty crappy. Well, they may try to self-medicate. They might take up serious running, or white-water rafting, or parachute jumping, or racing a fast car, or any number of other things that can cause excitement, like compulsive gambling, kleptomania, sex addiction, etc.. But there are other ways to feed the endorphin bank. The person could take narcotics, or alcohol, even have an eating disorder with bulimia, because a person’s endorphins are increased with throwing up.
This is a long way of telling you that you cut in order to cause your body to bring up more endorphins, but it just lasts a short while, and then you are having the need again. And chocolate helps reduce the rate of endorphin loss.

How would you like to know how to bring up your endorphins without cutting, or narcotics, or throwing up, or any of the other stuff? I figure you would, even though that was not your question. And it can be accomplished with the special use of an approved narcotic and alcohol rehab drug, in the privacy of your own home. I’m gonna tell you a story, very likely the best kept secret in the rehab community.

In the early 1980’s, the narcotics addicts were filling the New York jails, and if they were probated, they went right back to robbing, burglarizing, mugging, etc. to get their next fix. Well, a drug was approved, called Naltrexone. Trade name Revia, and others, depending on where it’s made, etc. You could give the addict the Revia at the local community center as the term for their probation. They swallow it down, and stay in the room for a half hour. After that, free to go. Because even if they were to throw up, it would be sufficiently absorbed.
The Revia is an oral version of naloxone (Narcan), which ties up the body’s narcotic receptor sites. A person in respiratory depression from a narcotics O.D., with enough to kill a horse, could be up and chatty within minutes after an I.V. push of Narcan.
So there was no point in taking any narcotics, the sites were not available. So the addicts were able to be probated. But, they HATED it. It made them feel terrible, without a way of getting better.

Anyway, a neurologist named Bihari was part of the naltrexone administration. He wanted to know why an addict would go right back to doing it, even though they ran the risk of “cold turkey” if they got caught. He hired a researcher, who found that addicts were only running a third of the endorphins of the ‘normal’ population, so the heroin etc. was a self medication.

Long story shorter, he found that if you give the addict a small portion of the naltrexone, at bed time, the body checks its supply around 2 in the morning, finds it at zero, and brings the endorphin level to as much as 5 times what it would have been. So the addicts were waking up WITH NO NEED FOR THE HEROIN.

So, how would you like to have your body making up to 5 times the pain killer it does now? Would you like to have no more feeling of need to do the cutting? I’ll take your answer as a “yes” since you already kinda asked the question.
Think about that, and read the article at the first site I’ve given. And that a one-month prescription for Revia can be more than a year’s supply of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), since each 50 milligram Revia can be dissolved in 50 cc’s of distilled water, and then just 3 cc’s (for 3 milligrams) can be drawn up in a pediatric medicine dropper and taken in juice or whatever before bed time, and that single tablet can be sufficient for 16 doses of LDN. Difficult to get a prescription for LDN, but very easy for an addict to get a month of Revia to “try it” after getting clean. It can be prescribed off-label for someone in your situation.
Just think about it, and what it would mean to never have to do the self-harm again, and have your own body making what you need. And there are some other health issues that can be involved, too, What is in the article could help you turn things around completely.

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  • kikusama says:

    Go wow Shamans!!!!! ;D?

  • kikusama says:

    I’m addicted to video games….who isn’t? They’re fun! Playing Games ONLY gets bad when people USE them to ignore responsibilities. If people didn’t hide behind video games, they’d hide behind something else. Its not the Games fault… its people abusing? them.

  • Aerchimonde says:

    lol 44.5 hours a? week on average
    On average i spend 100-105 hours a week playing WoW, and i get paid to do so 😀

  • Faisal Roshan says:

    @nylngtk yeah yeah we all know that! and dude! check it this game one? of the better online ones ive seen in a while –> to.lypszj

  • jimlael66 says:

    I love games but? I’m not that addicted

  • regina singleton says:

    People need to know that if they don’t contribute? to the marriage and home then they have no place in either.

  • regina singleton says:

    You don’t need to go on Dr.Phil all you need to do is kick his ass to the curb and get your kids away from the? computer.

  • MrPrankmastergeneral says:

    People blaming video games for their own bad parenting.?

  • NitrousCutter says:

    whats the problem is people need to gain self control. video games arent to blame, its the people who play them. family members need to help the people who are addicted to this, even if they get angry, just make them do real life things. make them realize they are a human being and not a online character gaining experience and needing to raid all the time. Its? called an outer body experience, they need to get out of that.

  • Hermitboi289Produc says:

    How does he not? get fat? O-o….. someone gimme some suggestions

  • Miko Sandejas says:

    the only one with a good opinion on this issue was the video game designer wife and the guy who tried to kill himself with sedatives. the mother is? still caught up with blaming video games for her son’s death. she seems to not have really known her son. she doesnt understand why her son turned to games. she talks as if everquest did some voodoo on her son and led him to kill himself

  • Miko Sandejas says:

    video games today provide esteem, challenges, and comfort that people are afraid or cannot experience in real life. video games are not wholly at fault but they provide a surrogate life like a cocoon from the real world, much like drugs and online pornography. video games are not as they were. there are some that arent quick highs anymore. they are immersive. THE GAME WAS NOT THE CAUSE OF HIS SUICIDE. the game was a? stage of his suicide. he was killing himself as he played and then ended it

  • Miko Sandejas says:

    online relationships cannot be surrogates to real relationships?

  • Miko Sandejas says:

    no theyre not real. ive played games like WOW, EVE, and other games. its a false sense of intimacy. it depends? on your definition of relationships and friendships. SURE YOU CAN HAVE REAL BONDS ONLINE. THATS TRUE. but nothing replaces facing people and experiencing the risks and responsibilities of intimate friendships. BUT youre right too, there are people who learn to socialize online and become better relating people in the real world

  • Miko Sandejas says:

    youre right Gina? but isnt as simple as that. there are games today that are intended to create a virtual job or a virtual life. most of them are called MMORPGs (life world of warcraft). Levels of success or highs experienced in those types of games CANNOT be PLAYED casually. They? require hours of involvement at a time and even months of commitment, since they involve long duration tasks and long term goals. video games have changed a lot.

  • Miko Sandejas says:

    video game makers do create virtual environments, encounters, and goals to foster virtual lives and communities, thus a sense of esteem and relationships. the kinds of? video games today are partly responsible. they are IMMERSIVE as they say in their industry. i agree with you though that the ADDICTION to these games is SYMPTOMATIC of something deeper. ive been there and i still struggle with it. these video games become a comfort for a deeper anxiety

  • Miko Sandejas says:

    as long as its at the right time and isnt a destructive habit. addictions can vary. video? games in itself isnt wrong. video games can be good too and bring people closer together.

  • Lisa-Maree Dalbock says:

    Me and my boyfriend play Video Games together….it may be addictive but its what we love to? do together!

  • Guido Verberne says:

    Oh speaking of online friends, people who don’t play online are ignorant.
    Online friends are just as real as real friends granted you spend as much time with them as you’d do in real life.? SURE you won’t be able to meet 99% of them, but that does not mean they are not real.

    Heck, most game players experience difficulty making contacts in real life, they are able to make contacts online better, so don’t give me bullshit about games ruining kids social experiences.