Latino Groups to House Members: Your VAWA Hurts Immigrant Victims

Latino Groups to House Members: Your VAWA Hurts Immigrant Victims

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Washington, D.C. – A coalition of leading national Latino organizations is calling for the House of Representatives to pass a Violence Against Women Act that protects vulnerable communities, particularly immigrant women. The version passed by …. She …


NJ woman part of push to help drug users report overdoses

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WASHINGTON — The morning after Salvatore Marchese left his mother's house for a session of outpatient treatment for his heroin addiction, he was found slumped behind the wheel of her car, dead of an overdose. He apparently hadn't been … Testifying …
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DC Court To Hear Medical Marijuana Case On Illegality, Medical Use

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Hotly debated issues between healthcare professionals and the DOJ, whether medical marijuana has health benefits and should be legaliZed, will soon go before a federal court. The United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit …
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1 – Islam and The Sacred Kemetic Science – Book Reviews : Egyptian Sacred Science in Islam. By Rafiq Bilal and Thomas Goodwin. San Francisco, CA: Bennu Publishers, 1987, 262 pp., .00 (paper Rafiq Bilal Bin Djiang Gan was a well-known civil rights activist who dedicated his life to fighting injustice and inequality for people of color in America. Rafiq was a founding member of the Black Man’s Liberation Army and the Black Man’s Development Center, communal organizations that aimed at decreasing crime and drug abuse in Northwest Washington, DC. In 1981, Rafiq moved to San Francisco with his wife- Saisa, daughters- Aziza and Aisha, and son- Mohammed. He spent a few years managing Freedom West Homes, an affordable housing complex in San Francisco’s Western Addition, before becoming a drug counselor at Glide Memorial Church and the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic. Rafiq was instrumental in helping to create Glides’ graduation program. In 1992, Rafiq, with help from his good friend Israel, and funds from his mother’s life insurance policy founded , California’s first substance-free night club. From 1992-1997, the Upper Room served as a salon for many of the Bay Area’s top artists, scholars, and culture creatives. The Upper Room, under Rafiq’s guidance, helped to shape and support careers of people like Goapele, Martin Luther, Housing Authority, Midnight Voices, Will Power, Hieroglyphics, Mohammed Bilal, Robert Henry Jonhson, Kimiko Joy, Asha Bandele, Keba Konte, Mind Motion, and others. Rafiq


17 Responses to Latino Groups to House Members: Your VAWA Hurts Immigrant Victims

  • HebenySoulSista says:

    Exactly! Islam was the first religion used? to enslave us….however as Arabs were the first to enslave us, undoubtedly they would have stolen our spiritual practices & put them in their own book, just like Christianity.

  • MsCosmicstar says:

    i totally agree with ur statement .. hybrids . still inslaving blacks .. wicked ..?

  • dale lee says:

    did you no Muhammad uncle was dark as night ?

  • dale lee says:

    then prove it wrong?

  • dale lee says:

    you are wrong Arabs are black if you don’t no this you never studied history and i challenge you to? a history debate on history of the Arabs are Arabs black African

  • JusBeCuzz says:

    I believe the significance of Seven or Sabein (SABA) is the 7000th year. The end of? the rule of the wicked. The 7000th year would bring a great change in the earth as it did in 4004 BC. That’s what the ancients knew. They constructed the pyramids in preparation for the return of the original people ruling again.

  • ksalternowsir says:


  • MrHailemecael says:

    I love the way that these brainwashed black American Islamist try to bring every thing back to Islam. Islam is just Arab expansionism, it was and still is? the greatest rapist, slaving despotic pagan bullshit parasite on poor African people today. Islam is and never was a part of Africa. They were conquerors plain and simple. Incidentally it was Ethiopia whose empire stretched from might Abyssinia to India. Nothing to do with Islam at all.

  • Chillyman010 says:

    Good informatio.? Things that we can really apply and begin to listen to ourselves

  • strangestdude says:

    I really wish black people would leave behind narcissistic fairytales and embrace (deist or secular) humanism. The key? to breaking the chains of mental slavery is education. We don’t need religion, 5 percenter, kemet, or new age bullcrap to be spiritual. Please watch this 30 minute playlist presenting spiritual humanism; /watch?v=1CLjYHqfilE&list=PL02E23AC7910BCFEA

  • Zellintelpro says:

    Afrocentrism is ideology, this is documented facts. Which part of this clip is he being africentric? Show and prove.. and if you can’t do that, then no disrespect but kindly shut up and stop using that? word if you dont know what it means.

  • smuuvebrotha says:

    May Allah Grant Him Paradise in the Next Life, Bless His Family in? this Life

  • panoptes1 says:

    ROFL, you lot? are always good for a laugh.

  • SurgeCess says:

    rip Rafiq?

  • CDW757 says:

    White people are funny, this video is about the base of Islam and its origins? and these crackers use this to post shit about afrocentrism… look and learn.

  • ANKHRASET says:

    its one thing you should know when you are spiting the truth whites start to attack u even if there own agree with you they right them of as nuts this is because they have no history so they steal others they no they could’nt have stand the sun long enought biuld a hut in that part of? africa near the equator !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jokernose69 says:


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