Why Do Very Inexperienced Americans Believe That the Lovely Little Pitbull Is Worlds Toughest Dog?

Question by ferret/dogmad: why do very inexperienced americans believe that the lovely little pitbull is worlds toughest dog?
toughest breeds: 1. bully kutta(pakistani mastiff) 2. kangal(anatolian shepherd),tosa inu(japanese mastiff) 3. english mastiff 4.bandog(pit/neo mastiff mix) fila brasiliero(brazillian mastiff), neapolitan mastiff,… Continue reading

Painkiller Addiction Can Be a Gateway to Heroin

Painkiller addiction can be a gateway to heroin
King said her addiction made her suicidal and she worried that if she didn’t kill herself, the drugs would eventually take her life. With support from her parents, King entered rehab and… Continue reading

What Degrees Do I Need to Get to Work in Rehab/addiction?

Question by : What degrees do I need to get to work in rehab/addiction?
I am going to be a freshman in college this fall. I want to help people with addiction in rehab but I’m not sure how I… Continue reading

Drug Detox Programs at 449 Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in Orange County, CA

Drug Detox Programs at 449 Recovery Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center in , CA
California Drug Rehab Center. Orange county based Drug Rehab center, at 855-449-4490, offers a safe drug detox program at their outpatient drug rehab center …


Paroled ‘Sopranos’ Actor Discusses Drug Addiction

Paroled ‘Sopranos’ Actor Discusses Drug Addiction
After spending eight years in prison, former “Sopranos” actor Lillo Brancato Jr. says he’s trying to help young people avoid making similar, drug-fueled mistakes. “Here I am, I get the opportunity, I get the… Continue reading

Going Back to Rehab, Am I Making the Right Decision?

Question by seeking_answers: going back to rehab, am i making the right decision?
i am 18, ill be 19 in april and have been struggling with a severe drug addiction for the past 5 years. i have been battling this… Continue reading