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In recent years the anti-choice movement has strongly pushed for so-called “personhood” laws, which would define the word person under the U.S. and state constitutions to include “every human being from the moment of fertilization, cloning, or the …
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Dawgs Get to Spring Break

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Herndon left the NFL after a battle with drug addiction and owns a recovery residence “Safety Net” in Smyrna, according to the official website of the Denver Broncos alumni association. Richt, speaking before Thursday's practice, said each position …
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Drs. Oz and Roizen: Protecting your precious heart valves

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There's a lot of research accumulating on this compulsive-addictive problem. We know that it can be a form of self-medication — often in an attempt to ease depression or anxiety. And once this behavior takes control of your life (that's the definition …
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Addiction Documentary



  • Laura Barr says:


  • djinntoy says:

    I suppose. I guess also I’m surprised that that compassionate approach isn’t innately there already and people need a documentary like this. It’s kind of self-righteous. People fuck up for all kinds of reasons and I believe if you had switched two babies at birth (Peter Hitchens & Any other addict, for example) Hitchens would likely become an addict too. Why people need to be reminded that not everyone’s life and view and wealth is the same and we’re? together on a mission is the tragedy I think.

  • George Cairns says:

    It brings an human element and a reminder at the end of a rather political programme. That? is the tragedy, I think. That even the ‘best’ (as Russell argues) solution isn’t perfect.

  • Elke Ve says:

    As someone who comes from a genetically challenged background in terms of addiction, I know that it’s irrepressible. But if you can? shift it to something that isn’t going to harm you or your loved ones (like maybe fame in Brand’s case, or making lists and obsessive reading in mine), at least it moves away from substance abuse.

  • djinntoy says:

    But we know it’s tragic? But I have seen AA etc programs destroy more lives than they have saved. And Brand is spending the whole movie about reform, and even after a fully paid for individualized approach/reform by Brand himself, it ended up just wasting what would’ve been more government money. I don’t challenge Brand’s impetus for change, that goes without saying, I just challenge his rhetoric that 12-step-programs are the save all answer, they are? far from it. I’ve seen them MAKE ppl insane.

  • George Cairns says:

    It shows that the whole issue is very tragic. That despite how hard you work, how bad it becomes for you, the whole thing is such a serious problem that it doesn’t just get fixed. Just? like that. Karen is back at Focus 12 now, last I heard anyway. So let’s hope she gets stronger and gets better.

  • amiworthit1968 says:

    Ok can you elaborate more??

  • djinntoy says:

    I don’t understand.. After the whole movie of Russell Brand promoting that addicts need to enter a proper facility and be treated with care, it ends with Karen checking out of Focus 12 centre after three? weeks and probably using drugs again. So.. it didn’t work? I don’t get it it’s like an open ending to an issue that seemed serious the whole movie.

  • Brett Salter says:

    Russell? considers abstinence to be the only way to beat addiction, but his psychology includes a greater addiction,(for him at least) and that is to seek publicity and a career of fame. (nothing wrong with that) So in a strange way he has still substituted opiates for something else. I might even agree that abstaining is the best way to stay of drugs (by it’s own definition) but I would advocate free will above all laws and therapies. Unfortunately I cannot see that happening either.

  • Sami James says:

    i? needed this

  • Oliver Phillips says:

    I know her personally? and I can tell you that is not true!

  • George Cairns says:

    The latest re-run of this? follows up on Karen, and after saying “she discharged herself 3 weeks later….” it says – “she has since returned.” Wonderful news, wish her all the best and let’s hope she gets better.

  • mattmurfy says:

    I? thought this was a very powerful documentary & it improved my opinion of Russell Brand immeasurably.

  • angela fagan says:

    i really thought what he spoke about was very right about methdone because one? thing to another substance there

  • Lashaie Mcneely says:

    i really enjoyed this documentry? Russell did a great job … and he is funny as every …!!!

  • Ute Youb says:

    Russel Brand is a self obsessed fuckwit who wouldn’t know the first thing about real drug? addiction. What a load of shit.

  • MrToiletclogger says:

    drug? users always want to be a victim so they can continue using drugs.

  • Madlookin says:

    Bryan? Stevenson”

  • samhinch91 says:

    fascinating documentary?

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