Residential Treatment Centers for Self Mutilation. Please Help!?

Question by Emmzies93: residential treatment centers for self mutilation. please help!?
ok so ive been self mutilating since i was 12. its pretty bad. im 16 now and have attempted suicide twice and have frequent urges and thoughts of it. my self harm includes cutting, burning, bruising, and on occation not eating. ( no eating disorder though). anyways i just told my mom that im ready to get help so im seeing a counsler tomorrow but im really interested in having some short term inpatient treatment i guess almost like rehad at a treatment center. do places that help people with drug addictions also treat those with self harm addictions? so if you have any names of facilities with a program like this that could help me itd be greatly appreciated. i live in illinois btw so the closer the better. thank you so much!

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Answer by sparrow
this is the only place i know of good luck

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Renz Addiction Counseling Center – Elgin, IL – Renz Addiction Counseling Center 847-742-3545


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