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Matthew Perry on Drug and Alcohol Addiction During 'Friends' Era: 'I Was Never

Matthew Perry on drug and alcohol addiction during 'Friends' era: 'I was never

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Behind the sarcastic and witty persona Matthew Perry played as the famed Chandler Bing — the former "Friends" star… Continue reading

Lawmaker Seeks to Expand Medical Provider Services

Lawmaker seeks to expand medical provider services

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Scott also recently signed into law a long-debated bill that expands the drug-prescribing powers of optometrists. The state now allows optometrists to prescribe oral medications to… Continue reading

What Do Drug Rehab Programs Do to Cure Someones Addiction to Illegal Drugs?

Question by Gerri R: What do drug rehab programs do to cure someones addiction to illegal drugs?
What does the treatment involve?
Is it anything like Alcoholics Anonymous, where they go to weekly meetings and say, “Hi, my name… Continue reading

Georgian Church Calls for Gay Rights Rally Ban

Georgian Church Calls for Gay Rights Rally Ban

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The Church considers people with such inclinations to be in a grave sin, which need help and spiritual assistance as a remedy for correction, instead of… Continue reading

What Is Your Definition of Being Deep and Profound?

Question by Margarita4yourkilla: What is your definition of being deep and profound?
I know people who think being dark, secretive, cruel, indifferent, and having some drugs and sex addiction are considered deep and profound. Really?

Can’t being positive and… Continue reading

How Is Sex Addiction Is Like Drug Addiction?

Question by ashleyy.: How is sex addiction is like drug addiction?
I’m doing a project on hoe sex addiction is like a drug addiction at school, and I’m having a hard time finding a credible source, which I need… Continue reading