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Experts Debate Whether Marijuana Is a ‘gateway’ Drug – ABC2 News

Experts debate whether marijuana is a ‘gateway’ drug – ABC2 News

ABC2 News
Experts debate whether marijuana is a 'gateway' drug
ABC2 News
The Washington, D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project , which advocated for legalization, said there is no… Continue reading

Get "High" on Life

Get "High" on Life
"I've been studying the emergence of potential drug problems in this country for over 30 years," said Eric Wish, the director of the Center for Substance Abuse Research at the University of Maryland . "This is… Continue reading

How Long Will It Take for Women to Become Comfortable Enough in Their New Found Equality?

Question by Earl Obama: How long will it take for women to become comfortable enough in their new found equality?
When will young women disregard this notion that they can raise children the right way, while working full-time, all by… Continue reading

How to Recover From Emotional Abuse?

Question by Alexa7575: How to recover from emotional abuse?
I was emotionally abused by my parents as a child and had a pretty messed up childhood. My first year in college really helped me to heal, but now that… Continue reading

How to Get a Job Again as an RN Following Battle With Drug Addiction?

Question by rowanwsmommy: How to get a job again as an RN following battle with drug addiction?
I am a BSN RN in Washington State. I have been clean and sober for a year and I have an active… Continue reading

Is It Arrogant to Assume That the Women and Children Living in the Mormon Compound in Texas Need Our Help?

Question by nickthaniel1: Is it arrogant to assume that the women and children living in the mormon compound in Texas need our help?
How many of them are raised by single mothers? Alcoholic parents? Drug abusing parents?

If the… Continue reading