Um, I’m Trying to Find Some Websites and Helplines for Kids Who Need Help on How to Help Their Family Members?

Question by Lay Lay: Um, I’m trying to find some websites and helplines for kids who need help on how to help their family members?
Can you people give me some webistes and helplines for kids who want to help family members with addiction and suicide, im going to start a chat room discussion on getting help for themselves on suicide, addiction, cutting, eating disoders, and stuff like that. This is the last one left. Feel free to pitch some ideas if you will, I want to help these kids.

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Answer by DarkNTwisty
1-800-273-TALK (8255) (Suicide)
866-650-3980 (Drug Use)

Answer by bazza
childline is always a good one it help kids who are scared of what will happen to family members i dont now the number but they have a website so just type in and im sure something will come up ..

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