Veterans District Court Starts in Monroe County

Veterans district court starts in Monroe County

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America's first veterans court was started in Buffalo, N.Y., in January 2008 in response to the increase in the number of veterans in New York's drug and mental health courts. The first such court in Pennsylvania was started in the Lackawanna … These …
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Weekly Crime Blotter for Canyon Country-West

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The suspect was arrested on domestic violence and elder abuse charges. On Saturday …. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced it is requiring the manufacturers of Ambien, Ambien CR, Edluar and Zolpimist, widely used sleep drugs that …


W.Va. lawmakers survey state's military, veterans

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(AP) – Mercer County has completed an addressing project aimed at helping first responders find residences and businesses more quickly. Mercer County 911 director Robert Hoge … OAK HILL (WVVA) – The office an Oak Hill physician facing drug charges …
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PTSD sufferers could lose access to medical marijuana – marijuana to treat post traumatic stress disorder… will lose their right to smoke it .. if a local psychiatrist has his way. he’s petitioned the state to remove ptsd from the list of qualifying conditions. jill galus looked into the issue… and joins us live to explain. jill… maria – the psychiatrist who wrote the petition, says there’s a lack of evidence that medical marijuana does in fact help patients with p- tsd … but state officials say removing ptsd as a qualifer, would also disqualify nearly half of the state’s medical marijuana patients… and many who are also veterans. “there’s no good scientific link saying that marijuana treats ptsd.” AND IT’S that lack of evidence that psychiatrict william ulwelling says prompted him to write a petition… essentially, to get ptsd knocked off the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana patients in new mexico. “people with ptsd are at special risk to be harmed by marijuana, as many as two thirds of people who have ptsd, are subsequently developing .” “their access to effective care is being threatened by this petition.” EMILY kaltenbach, director of the state’s drug policy alliance, says ptsd is the number one condition patients in our state are approved under. “over 40-percent of medical cannibis patients are approved under ptsd.” IN other words, nearly 33- hundred patients currently enrolled… who say medical marijuana works for them… would lose access to the medicinal drug. “some of them


3 Responses to Veterans District Court Starts in Monroe County

  • Michael Barefoot says:

    no they just rather have you on prescription medications that kill you? faster

  • WeAskThePeople says:

    YES … WAR is a trauma.. no human was made to KILL DESTROY & MAME another .. veterans returning form these WARS that nobody wants , but rich government fat cats &? military industrial assholes. CANNABIS helps these people forget.. there are too many suicides from traumatized people returning from WARS.. WAR is a TRAUMA .. cannabis helps.

  • jolynnromero911 says:

    Thats bull if they do, I used to have my card? for that reason and it helps

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