What Are Some Really Good Movies About People Struggling With Drug Addiction?

Question by : What are some really good movies about people struggling with drug addiction?
I am trying to find some really good movies about people struggling with drug addiction.. I have recently watched Puncture with in it..

Any ideas?
Is Requiem for a Dream the movie where the heroin addict looses half of his arm?

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Answer by Dawson
REQUIEM FOR A DREAM!! Really really good movie

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Meredith Baxter as a drug-addicted nurse in “Darkness Before Dawn” GREAT TV MOVIE – Meredith Baxter will always be the Queen of TV movies, and this 1993 movie is one of her all-time best! This video shows highlights from the first half of the movie. Based on a true story, this movie has Meredith as a drug addicted nurse who steals drugs from the hospital she works at. She is married to another addict, and they have a daughter. Meredith learns she’s pregnant again, and when the baby is born an addict, Meredith’s character decides to give drugs to her newborn baby.


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@YvetteHouu Your love of horror movies is like an drug addiction, you can never find that original high that you once had… – by JiaboHou (Jiabo Hou)

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I really like drug addiction movies like they’re really really interesting and yeah idk am I weird probably whatever I love them ok – by acidbutt (Sidney ?)

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Apparently Macaulay Culkin (little boy off Home Alone movies) only has 6 months to live due to drug addiction, holy shit – by bethwalker__ (random disclaimer)

18 Responses to What Are Some Really Good Movies About People Struggling With Drug Addiction?

  • R&S regular says:

    Requiem for a Dream (very, very disturbing though)
    Little Miss Sunshine

  • zcbskater says:

    Requiem for a dream is possibly the single most disturbing film I have ever watched. It is about heroin addiction and deals with this topic in a heavy and graphic way. It is rated R for good reasons so I do not recommended this film for anyone under the age of 16.

  • Sam says:

    Well there’s “Go Ask Alice”
    Or “shattered spirits”
    Both movies are fairly old but relate to drug/alchohol addictions.

  • eleanor rigby says:

    love and other drugs
    requiem for a dream

  • Gary C says:

    “Jesus’ Son.”
    “Another Day in Paradise.”
    “Panic in Needle Park.”
    “Crazy Heart.”

  • Acid Weasel says:

    ‘Trainspotting’ all the way! And ‘Pop Skull’. ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ too, although I wouldn’t say they’re “struggling” with drug addiction but rather succumbing to it.

  • Gary says:

    What other’s have said:
    Requiem for a Dream
    Trainspotting (but you’ll prob need sub-titles 😉
    I thought ‘Blow’ blew lol
    Barfly (about booze)
    Actually it was Spun that blew, Blow’s not a bad film.

  • Stephanie Marie says:

    Its about coke.
    I THINK Johnny Depp is in it. Or John Leguizamo.

    And Rent. Its actually about a bunch of different things but one person has a drug problem.

  • linkdavid says:

    Is? this why Michael J. Fox is so shaky?

  • irgendwann mal says:

    way? to be subtle…

  • Frannybaby77 says:

    Does anyone know where I can watch his? ?

  • Anne Fox says:

    This is the current? state of nursing in Alberta Canada. Abuse by nurses is extreme a major part of the attack is against First nations women and children. Dope fiend nurses influence amount of medications for each group then they steal meds causing over-doses to the patient who was never receiving that much medication. Reliance on racist hate stereotypes. Nurses are angry abusive hostile aggressive against children who they see as cute able to get funding. HATING EVEN CHILD CANCER PATIENTS.

  • KeaneAddict says:

    Is this the one that has a? young Kirsten Dunst in it?

  • brawyn777 says:

    this looks good,would? someone be kind enough to put up the whole movie please?

  • ladyvharsen says:

    When I was in high school, I used to tease my parents why they never had to worry about me using drugs–a pill much stronger than tylenol would make me throw up, anything in my nose would cause a sinus infection, smoke of any kind makes me cough? and I’m scared to death of needles. Don’t know of anything that’s left.

  • spiritfyre1 says:

    they? left that oldest daughter all alone??

  • spiritfyre1 says:


  • starrbeatlesqueen says:

    The actress who portrays one of the nurses is the same actress who portrays Ricky’s foster mother on the TV series The Secret Life of the American Teenager.?

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