What Were the First Signs of Your Loved Ones Drug Addiction?

Question by nacho c: What were the first signs of your loved ones drug addiction?
Those who have known addicts…Do drug addicts make plans and not show up? Also, those who have learned their loved one is an addict, can u please share the awkward/unsual or addict behavior you discovered?

Best answer:

Answer by Robert C
mood swings ,emotional outbreaks,not sleeping at night
arguing constantly.

Answer by Rain
Not sleeping, not eating, money going missing from accounts, items going missing from the house, staying out late and sometimes for days on end without a call, became more possessive over money and valuables.

To answer your other question, yes they do, usually because they have found/ are looking for a way to get a quick fix. They will also pull out of activities they used to enjoy so that they can have more time/money for their addiction.

Another thing to look out for is they will sometimes purchase expensive items with the idea that they can pawn it or sell it when they need a fix, if they have expensive things but dont seem too attached to them, or they suddenly get expensive things when their budget doesnt allow for it, it is suspicious. my exboyfriend would practically clean out the local pawn shops one day and be back in there the next to get money for his habit.