Why Are Cons So Stuck on the Idea That Paying Income and Property Taxes Is Solely to Support Lazy?

Question by The Right is Wrong: Why are Cons so stuck on the idea that paying income and property taxes is solely to support lazy?
peoplethat won’t work. Our tax money goes for other things besides public aid, welfare, food stamps, etc. Why not focus on the good that comes from tax dollars rather than the bad? I mean you cons love the military right? How about the FDA? The TSA? There must be SOME government programs you like…try to focus on those. Whining about how single moms in the ghetto with drug addictions get free food for their kids isn’t going to make paying taxes go away.

Best answer:

Answer by McNamara
Conservatives don’t claim that. Try arguing with a real person instead of setting up and knocking down straw men.

Answer by GoGo Girls
Everything over and above our constitutional commitment is to support those who will not do for themselves.

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