Why Not Just Legalize All Drugs?

Question by : Why not just legalize all drugs?
Im thinking wouldnt it just be smarter to make any drug legal for people over the age of 21? I know kids shouldnt be able to use stuff like cocaine and heroin because they dont have the mental ability to judge consequences from drugs or the willpower to stay off them.

But do people understand that the reason people say drugs are so “bad” is because they make your ass go broke so fast? I mean if people maybe didnt go broke from doing hard drugs, wouldnt that probably lead to re-habilitation faster? Instead people have too sit in an abandonded house with a needle in their arm with nothing, why would anyone even WANT to rehabilitate if they have no material possesions.
In reality it costs like $ 1 to make a pound of heroin or cocaine which would be enough to supply an addict for say… a year? And can people use their freaking heads? The reason their is so much CRIME is because drug addicts STEAL to support their addictive habbit. THIS WOULDNT HAPPEN IF DRUGS WERE DIRT-CHEAP!!!

All the war on drugs does is make corrupt politicians and drug kingpins rich. You do realize that these corrupt politicians and drug lords LOBBY in Washington D.C to keep this drugs illegal right?

Fast food is unhealthy, but its cheap, so people usually dont have a problem getting it and addiction isnt a problem either since its so easy to obtain. I mean sure they’re probably going to die from a heart attack eventually but that’s their choice, as long as it doesnt affect me.. they can do whatever they want. Why cant other people have this type of attitude?

Aside from the fact that most drugs are easier to get then alcohol… Drug use has actually went up since they were made illegal. What kind of society is this? Why do so many people want to impose their beliefs onto other people because they think its “right” or “moral” or.. “politically correct”? Its when people see others as groups and NOT individuals, thats when things always go bad. Individuals have the right to liberty and pursuit of happiness in whatever form they want if it doesnt effect other people. Thats what is IN the United States Constitution. You dont see any BULLSHIT about how drugs should be illegal in their do you? Thats because our forefathers werent a bunch of arrogant greedy pricks who only care about money and power.

Id write a lot more but i doubt anyone would want to read that much,

Tell me why or why not drugs should be totally legal and sold by our government?

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Answer by Jared
This is a huge grey area for me. There would have to be a hell of a lot of regulation and extremely precise decision making to make it work, but it’s conceivable.

If done correctly, it could potentially cut back on all sorts of crime and deaths, while creating a huge surplus of tax revenue. But if done incorrectly, it could be devastating.

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9 Responses to Why Not Just Legalize All Drugs?

  • Socialism = FAIL says:

    I think that’s a great idea, and then when some idiot OD’s, medical professionals should not be allowed to treat them.

    That way, within a month or 2, we will have rid the country from all the low life scum.

  • Sam says:

    obviously you havent seen someone going through heroine withdraw…or how lovely a drug overdose can be…

  • RenegadeAngel says:

    That was the best pro-legalizing drugs argument I’ve heard in a long time.

    I’ve grown up around drugs and fought a minor addiction myself, and I can say that if drugs were legal, it could actually improve things in some aspects.

  • threegooofs says:

    Good question. I think the most basic freedom anyone would have is the right to do anything with their own body they wish. Pierce it, tattoo it, and ingest any substance they want,,, no matter how stupid it is. Its a basic human right, no? Why should a government body allow or disallow me to eat anything I want – including naturally growing drugs?

  • Alex says:

    That is the classic Libertarian argument. It makes sense to me for some drugs (pot, cocaine), but others are just too dangerous and/or too addictive leave up to individual decision making (PCP, meth).

  • matthew says:

    Yes! Destroy the drug cartels and end the violence by legalization. We forget the government makes money on the drug war though through asset forfeiture performed on the city, county, state, national, and international level. Plus drug dealer dollars are a nice boost to the economy, just think of them with their gold guns, chains, teeth, chrome rims on cadillacs and all of that boosts the economy.

  • Meister says:

    I am not taking a position of advocacy here. But an old friend of mine
    said, “Sure. Legalize all the stuff. Hell, most of it is really CHEAP in its legal form. Give it to them! Make SURE they take PLENTY. And increase their doses regularly. Make ’em carry ‘Junkie’ cards and if they are caught driving or operating heavy machinery, well, there’d be a death penalty. Same if they commit any violent crime. And get ’em together in colonies, where they can do ALL THE DRUGS they want!
    Free! Hell, those who want could even eat a little from time to time.”

    That’s a formula for encouraging what amounts to suicide, but here’s what I think: Nothing we have tried WORKS. NOTHING. I think my friend was tossing out a crazy theory, but in the long run, maybe it would be cheaper and it might help clean up our cities.

    I think he said they’d all have to be sterilized by contract to get their free drugs.

    Knowing what I do about drug addicts, that’d be fine with most of them.

  • holden350chev says:

    It you legalized drugs there would be not stablity in society .Drugs are the enemy of people .Even marijuana is no good for you.Never be afraid to talk against drugs as your saving the young .I live cali and i hear what goes on around the world and even in australia .People think that a little 14year old lebanese girl that was rape and murdered in sydney could have been killed by drugs gangs or drug addicts in western sydney australia.This lebanese girl came from good family home .So to protect every one children from harm of drugs .There many roses .I am also anti rape .

  • Argyr says:

    Drugs screw up your body and your mind. You get flashbacks, you lose your motivation, you make bad decisions. Don’t you think that maintaining the public health should be part of the responsibility of the government? If it’s not their responsibility to make sure that the population is safe, healthy and secure, then what is it that they do?

    Seriously. If drugs were made cheap and easy to get, I guarantee you would see serious societal degradation within the first few years.

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