Yes, Willpower Is the Only Way to Beat It, but That DOESN’T Mean Addiction Is Fiction: Doctor’s Response to Peter Hitchens’s TV Showdown With Friends Star Over Drugs

Yes, willpower is the only way to beat it, but that DOESN’T mean addiction is fiction: Doctor’s response to Peter Hitchens’s TV showdown with Friends star over drugs
He was simply doing what he does best: getting up the noses … first prescribed to control another illness) are ordinary Britons who don’t know they can’t stop until they try. One thing on many minds in January will be giving up smoking. drug addiction – Bing News

Fighting addiction
Mr. Sprague, who heads a legislative study committee on prescription-drug addiction, said he resolved to act on the problem after he heard heartbreaking stories from some of his constituents. “It has just devastated families,” he said. drug addiction – Bing News

Hamill: Chiara de Blasio’s admission an inspiration to recovering addicts
His daughter being in a rehab was the best gift The Father could have gotten for Christmas. Because the alternatives would have been visiting her in a state pen. Or draping a blanket over her grave. The Daily News front page on Christmas Day, which spoke … drug addiction – Bing News