Youth Development Center Vacated, Will Close Feb. 15

Youth Development Center vacated, will close Feb. 15

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The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, the Juvenile Court Judges' Commission and the Department of Public Welfare worked on the plan. It will redirect investments into: * Effective prevention and intervention … Micco said the YDC staff …
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Another View: We can reach children with serious behavioral problems

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Less than 50 percent of students with emotional and behavioral disabilities graduate from high school, and these students are twice as likely as students with other types of disabilities to live in a halfway house, drug treatment center or on the …
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Police: Drugs stolen from Covidien

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A Covidien employee is suspected of stealing the drug from inside the plant and transfering it to Robert Willsey, 40, of Harpersfield. Dumond … She said she would like to see her husband placed in drug rehabilitation to treat his addiction to …
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Brazil Ensnared In Crack Cocaine Epidemic: Sao Paulo Takes Desperate

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BY Palash R. Ghosh | January 15 2013 6:14 AM. City officials in Sao Paulo, Brazil, have announced they will round up local crack cocaine addicts from the streets and force them to seek treatment. Brazil Ensnared In Crack Cocaine Epidemic: Sao Paulo …
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