Crackhead Sister in Law?

Question by skinny chick: crackhead sister in law?
My sister in law has smoked crack for 20 years. She just came out from another drug rehab after being there for 30 days. She has been in 10 programs. She wants to leave NYC and come stay with me in to get herself together. What should I do

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Answer by Keep it Green
Thats your sister in law….take care of her….

Say yes….

Answer by Pink08
If she didn’t get herself clean in ten tries, she is not going to
do it at your home. Do not take her in. It won’t be long before you have crack dealers hanging out at your house.

She is hopeless and you owe her nothing. She’s not even related to you.

Think of yourself in this situation and stay strong. I would tell her no.

3 Responses to Crackhead Sister in Law?

  • hippyjingle says:

    allow her to stay with you under the conditon that she does not have any kind of drugs in your house and that she really needs to try to give up does this woman have children?

  • Stormy S says:

    Either say yes she can stay with you or say no.

  • fleckenstien says:

    She’s one of God’s creations just like anyone else…

    I know she’s a crackhead and she probably doesn’t think straight, but you should still be honored to have her choose you to come to. Treat her right and she might come to her sences.