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Withdrawing From Injecting Heroin, Massachusetts?

Question by CCC: Withdrawing from Injecting Heroin, Massachusetts?
Is there a way to get into a rehabilitation facility without any insurance ? The person is from MA which does have mandatory Health Ins but she just got fired, and has… Continue reading

Drug Addition Is Tearing My Family Apart?

Question by keylolo: drug addition is tearing my family apart?
if you have a love one that is struggling with drug addtion due to something happening in their immediate family how do you help them do you throw them to… Continue reading

Is There Any Programs to Assist a Middle Aged Person With Addictions?

Question by Whatever: Is there any programs to assist a middle aged person with addictions?
I have a friend that is in desperate need of some help. He started out with a promising future, good job, marriage, purchased a home.… Continue reading

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center News B-Roll

Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center News B-roll
The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers provide spiritual, social and emotional assistance for men and women who have lost the ability to cope with…


How Do I Quit Synthetic Marijuana (“spice”)?

Question by Chris: How do I quit synthetic marijuana (“spice”)?
Yeah I know. Stupid for getting involved. Now I can’t get uninvolved. I try, I fail, multiple times. Im losing the will and energy to stop.. It causes problems physically/mentally/emotionally/financially.… Continue reading

Addicted to Drugs-No Insurance-What to Do?

Question by Jewel: Addicted to drugs-No insurance-What to do?
My niece is addicted to drugs and has no health insurance for rehab. We don’t know of any options for her. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Miz D
The Salvation… Continue reading