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I Need the Salvation Army Rehab in Orlando?

Question by : i need the salvation army rehab in orlando?
it is a place for people with drug additions and it is also a christian center and a live in center

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Answer by MeMeMe
Here’s the address… Continue reading

Are There Any FREE Alcohol Treatment Centers in Phoenix, Arizona?

Question by Jenn: Are there any FREE alcohol treatment centers in Phoenix, Arizona?
My 41 year old brother has been drinking for 20+ years. He is really at a point where there are no options for him with the family.… Continue reading

I Need to Find an Inpatient Drug Treatment Center in Either Palm Beach or Broward Florida That Is Charity.?

Question by yanksfan131: I need to find an inpatient drug treatment center in either Palm Beach or Broward Florida that is charity.?
I would like a facility that is between a 28-60 day stay, and will take patients who can’t… Continue reading

How Much Does It Cost to Go Into Drug Rehab?

Question by DeadDeadDead: how much does it cost to go into drug rehab?

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Answer by frank
ain’t too cheap. I worked at one in Anchorage, alaska and I wanna say a day in detox was about 165 and… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Facilities in Las Vegas?

Question by Lucy: Drug Rehab Facilities in Las Vegas?
Does anyone know of an in patient drug rehab facility in Las Vegas that offers free services or low cost services for non insured patients. My sister is a drug addict… Continue reading

Drug Rehab Programs in California.(FREE)?

Question by Yo-Yo: Drug Rehab programs in California.(FREE)?
I was wondering if anyone knew of any.

My best friend’s mother was a meth addict a few years back and recently my friend(samantha) found meth in her house.
She says her… Continue reading